Hurricane Protection Fabric

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hurricane Fabric?
Hurricane Fabric is a nylon hybrid fabric that is placed over your windows, doors, garage and lanai/patio openings to protect your home or building during a hurricane. Its high-strength fibers are woven and resin-coated, making it incredibly strong and safe. Hurricane Fabric defends against wind, water and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level.

2. How Strong is Hurricane Fabric?
Hurricane Fabric is 55% stronger than most other hurricane fabrics, and half the cost, too. It protects your home and easily outranks metal panels, roll downs, accordions and other traditional hurricane systems.

3. Does It Let Light Through?
Yes, Hurricane Fabric is translucent, so it lets light in through your windows, doors and lanai. Say goodbye to the “cave” feeling of traditional shutters.

4. Is it NOA/Florida Building Code Approved?
Yes, Hurricane Fabric has passed the rigorous testing necessary to gain approvals by:
Miami Dade NOA # 15-3016.09 (HVHZ)
Florida Building Commission FL #15208 (WBDR) and FL #17661 (HVHZ and WBDR)
Texas Department of Insurance SHU-204
International Building Code ASTM E1886, ASTM E1996, ASTM E330
NOA approval (#10-0607.02) and Florida building code approval (#15208). It is also approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones by the State of Florida, which includes all Miami/Dade counties.

5. Is it expensive?
Hurricane Fabric is one of the least expensive hurricane protection products available. Stronger, safer, more affordable and easier to deploy. These are reasons why Hurricane Fabric is the next best generation of hurricane protection.

6. Will Hurricane Fabric Satisfy My Homeowner’s Insurance?
Many insurance companies are requiring homeowners to install approved hurricane protection. This reduces claims to the insurance carriers and protects homeowners from storm damage. Hurricane Fabric is fully recognized and accepted by most major insurance companies.

7. Is It Hard To Deploy?
Absolutely not, weighing only ounces per square yard, Hurricane Fabric is easy to deploy at storm time. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver. You will never have to wrestle heavy, sharp metal panels again.

8. How Do I Store Hurricane Fabric?
It folds up neatly into its own storage bags, taking up very little room in a closet, under a bed or garage. gif maker (18)

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