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Hurricane Fabric is designed for strength, durability, flexibility, and to be light weight. Our high modulus fiber clip is flexible with a higher overall tensile strength, giving your Hurricane Fabric the flex needed to decelerate fast-moving objects and protect your assets from damage. When designing the Hurricane Fabric protection system, we focused on the future while we were inventing the safest system in the world today.
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Hurricane Fabric is high-strength, high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric coated with a UV resistant resin. The result is a hurricane shutter that resists wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level. Hurricane Fabric easily outranks metal panels, roll downs, accordions, and any other hurricane fabrics made of a see through material.
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Weighing only ounces per square yard, Hurricane Fabric is easy to deploy at storm time. There is no other hurricane shutter system as lightweight as this. It also folds up neatly into its own storage bags, taking up very little space in a closet, under a bed or in the garage. You will never have to wrestle heavy, sharp metal panels again. What’s best about Hurricane Fabric is the fact that you don't have to look at your hurricane protection 365 days a year — we are there when you need us. You care about the look of your home or business, don’t take away from it with old ugly hardware systems.
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During a hurricane, the most catastrophic damage occurs when a window or door is blown in, causing pressurization of the building. This pressurization can rip the roof right off of the building. Prevention of this is known as “full envelope protection.” Hurricane Fabric provides full envelope protection by easily and effectively covering all vulnerable openings: windows, doors, garages, sliders, lanai openings and more. Even if the glass breaks, Hurricane Fabric can still prevent pressurization by deflecting the wind.
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